Academic Program Course Safety Protocols

In order that all academic programs to take every precaution to ensure the safety of returning students and employees a course safety protocol plan must be developed by the program faculty in conjunction with the Academic Dean.  The plan must be approved by the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs and the Vice President of Finance and Facilities prior to the course starting. 

Prior to the start of the course the instructor or Academic Dean must notify the campus Facilities Director as well as the reception desk to ensure they are aware that the course will be taking place.  The Facility Director will notify the facilities staff to ensure cleaning takes place at the end of each day in the classroom or lab used.

The plan must include:

Course specific information needed include:

  *Course Name

  *Number of students that will be in attendance

  *Faculty names

  *The Rooms/Labs/Offices required for instruction and student support

  *Days/Times/Hours that faculty and students will be on campus

  *Start Date and End Date of the course

  *Required PPEs for faculty and students

  *Any additional safety equipment required to conduct instruction

  *Documentation of the number of students and faculty that will be in the classroom at one time

  *Specific plan of how social distancing in the classroom will be handled


Other information required include:

  *How will students enter the building including which entrance will be used, how will the instructor                                                        ensure that no clustering of students happen at the entrance, and how will student exit the building.

  *How will symptom testing be conducted and documented.

  *How will attendance be taken and retained.

  *How will social distancing be ensured during restroom or lunch breaks.  What restrooms will be used and where will lunch breaks take place.

  *How will all equipment used will be disinfected between student uses.