Pass or No Credit grading option

The COVID‑19 pandemic has disrupted lives. M State developed grading options for Spring 2020 to help students stay on track in their academic program during the COVID-19 emergency.

  • The course withdrawal deadline has been extended to April 27 for full-semester courses.
  • Students now have the option to choose pass or no credit (P/NC) grades for classes in session between March 16-May 8 on a course‑by‑course basis by May 15.

A student who earns an A, B, C or D grade can choose a “P,” or “pass,” grade. The grade of NC can replace an earned F grade. The grade of NC cannot replace W, FW or FN grades.

A grade of P earns credit and is not calculated in your GPA. A grade of NC does not earn credit for the course and is not calculated in your GPA.

Requests for the P/NC grading option were due May 16, 2020. If you would like to request an extension of this deadline to make a request for Spring Semester 2020, please contact your advisor or someone in the Registrar's Office.
Effects of choosing a P/NC grade

Possible implications or drawbacks of choosing P/NC grading include:

  • Scholarship status
  • Major and career requirements
  • Transfer
  • Students on academic warning or probationary (SAP) status
  • VA/Veterans benefits

If you have questions or concerns, please consult with your academic/program advisor or financial aid advisor. Log on to SpartanNet to connect virtually with support services.

Here's what you should know about P/NC grading

Courses in session anytime between March 16 and May 8 may be eligible for P/NC grades in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is a P/NC (P=Pass, NC= No credit) grade?

• A grade of P is considered a passing grade (A, B, C, D). You will earn course credit with a grade of P. A grade of P will not be used to calculate your GPA.
• A grade of NC is not an F. However, a grade of NC will not earn course credit and will not be calculated in your GPA.
• A grade of P/NC does not change an FW grade issued when a student has been absent from a class for 14 calendar days.

Can I choose this option in all my Spring 2020 classes?

• It is likely that you will be able to choose this option for most of your courses. However, M State strongly encourages you to work with your academic or program advisor to choose what is best for you.
• Accreditation requirements within a program may prohibit P/NC grades. Many accrediting bodies and other entities recognize the unprecedented nature of this semester across the nation and are adjusting their requirements. Your advisor(s) will have access to the most up-to-date information and be able to provide guidance.

When is the deadline for choosing P/NC as a grading option?

• Faculty will issue standard (A, B, C, D, or F) grades by 11:59 p.m. Monday, May 11. You will be able to view your grades in eServices at that time.
• You are encouraged to visit with your academic/program advisor prior to May 8 to determine if P/NC or standard grading is your best option academically. The deadline for choosing P/NC as a grading option is May 15.
If you wish to keep your courses with the standard grading method (A, B, C, D or F), no action is needed.

The form for requesting the P/NC option for one or more of your classes can be found here.

Is P/NC the right choice for me?

• Before deciding to choose the P/NC option, you should discuss the changes with your advisor prior to May 8 to explore possible consequences that result from switching to pass/no-credit. Check SpartanNet if you need to be reminded of the names of your advisor(s).
• This is especially important for:
o Selective admissions programs
o Health care programs (e.g. nursing, medical assisting, dental assisting, dental hygiene, radiologic technology, medical laboratory technology, surgical technology, cardiovascular technology, limited scope radiology, etc.)
o Students with military benefits
o Students on academic warning or probationary status
• Course prerequisites that require a grade of “C or higher” may not be satisfied with a “P” grade. If a student is in a course or program that requires "C or higher" grades, the student should consult their advisor with questions regarding their requirements.
• If a student is an athlete, they should be encouraged to discuss grading options with their academic advisor to ensure there are no negative consequences for selecting the P/NC grading option.

How will the P/NC option affect students receiving VA or other military education benefits?

• The VA allows for P grades but will not accept NC grades. Please work with your advisor prior to May 8 to determine the best course of action for you academically.

How will P/NC grades affect students receiving external funding such as sponsorships, scholarships, Dollars for Scholars or workforce development)?

• Please check with the provider to determine how P/NC grades may affect your funding.

How will choosing the grade affect transfer to another institution?

• Upon transfer, the receiving college or university ultimately determines what courses will transfer. A choice of P/NC may affect how that course transfers and how the receiving college or university interprets that grade.
• If you transfer to a college or university within the Minnesota State system, those institutions will accept P grades for transfer purposes.