Counselor FAQs

Is there an online option for students to fill out the application and request to test form?

Yes! M State CEP & eCHS Application and Request to Test Form. Please email concurrent@minnesota.edu if you are interested in using this form.

What are the eligibility requirements that we will follow for the 2020-2021 academic year because of the COVID-19 pandemic?
Juniors GPA- 3.2
Seniors GPA- 2.8

Math 1114 students will need to meet the qualifying GPA and a have a C or above on their high school algebra courses. If a student has completed high school Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus within the past two years with a grade of C or higher, student can be placed above MATH1114, up to and including MATH1134.

High schools may also determine a high school teacher approval is required along with GPA is a requirement. This decision is made at the high school level.

Two optional requirements you can choose to use:

M State K12 Program Agreement of Understanding - Both the student and parent/guardian will sign off on this form and return to the high school for your records. This is a measure that will require the student to take responsibility for their effort and engagement in the college course and that the parent/guardian will agree to as well. College Readiness Self Assessment 2.0 - This is an online self-assessment that students can take and they will be emailed a certificate of completion when they complete the module. You can then require the student to forward you their completion email.

How long is Accuplacer suspended?

Update Oct. 21, 2020: 

Accuplacer will not be making a return quite yet. Per the Minnesota State system office, the College will be sticking with the GPA guidelines for eligibility purposes for the rest of the 2020-21 academic year. Resources are available at www.minnesota.edu/counselor (under Application and assessment testing) to make students aware of their responsibilities in taking colleges courses.

Please keep in mind for math courses, students still need to earn the grade of C or higher in the appropriate high school course to qualify. We realize that not everyone is in agreement in using these guidelines for admission, but this is a decision made at the system office, not at M State. Please feel free to utilize the

**Don’t forget - if students are struggling, we are here to support them! They can reach out to erin.warren@minensota.edu at any time or visit the tutoring options website.

Who can I contact for accessibility resources (formerly known as disability services)?

Email M State's P20 Collaboration Manager, Megan Adamczyk, at megan.adamczyk@minnesota.edu with your questions and she will connect you with the appropriate accessibility resources staff.

Instructor FAQs

If a student checks-out and doesn't complete the course, do they get a withdraw or fail on their transcript?

M State will work with high schools on each unique situation. Please contact M State's P20 Collaboration Manager, Megan Adamczyk, at megan.adamczyk@minnesota.edu.

Should instructor's revise and send an updated syllabus due to the changes in distance learning plans?

Yes! It is recommended that every instructor update their syllabus based on the distant learning plans being implemented. We advise setting clear expectations (e.g. participation, assessments, equity, due dates, etc.). Please be sure all students receive a revised syllabus. We recognize that flexibility and creativity of instruction are paramount, while still maintaining academic rigor, as we strive to meet the needs of all students.

How are instructors adapting their assessments within the distance learning plans?

Some college faculty are using timed assessments, others are choosing to use a secured LMS (e.g. D2L, Respondus Lockdown Browser, Google) or monitoring assessing using video technology (e.g. Zoom, Skype). Consider shifting away from traditional assessments to using alternative methods where students can demonstrate learning and critical thinking. Explore creative solutions while being mindful of what is possible and being sensitive to students' access to technology and other barriers.

What if a course has a lab component?

Check with the textbook publisher as many are offering free labs. Also, CEP instructors are encouraged to collaborate with their faculty mentors to discuss at-home or online lab activities.

Can I schedule students to come in to the school for testing in small numbers, or individually?

Online or distance assessing is preferred. Adhere to Minnesota and school district guidelines regarding meeting in small groups.

I am concerned about student participation, what can I do?

We have heard of many creative ideas for generating student engagement and participation. For example, use discussion boards and ask students to make X number of discussion posts per week followed by X number of student comments on other classmates' posts. Use technology which can facilitate participation online, such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, Teams, D2L, etc. If you need assistance with technology to support student engagement and participation, please contact the CEP team at concurrent@minnesota.edu.

Who can I contact for accessibility resources (formerly known as disability services)?

Email M State's P20 Collaboration Manager, Megan Adamczyk, at megan.adamczyk@minnesota.edu with your questions and she will connect you with the appropriate accessibility resources staff.

Spring 2020 Grading (W, F, P, NC) Information

*Please note, the P and NC grades were only approved as an option for spring semester, 2020.

Do concurrent students have a Pass (P), or No Credit (NC) grading option for spring 2020?

Yes, but students must consult their high school counselor to learn more about this option and to be informed of possible implications for choosing a Pass (P) or No Credit (NC) grade. The M State CEP Pass or No Credit Grading Information document includes further details and process deadlines. Note: Students can only request the P or NC grades after a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F has been assigned and the student has been made aware of their standard grade.

Students can submit their intent on the M State CEP P or NC Grade Change Request Form after they have met with their high school counselor.

The deadline to request a P or NC grade is June 26, 2020.

Why would a student choose to Withdraw (W) instead of the taking the No Credit (NC) grade?

It boils down to which letter grade a student wants on their transcript. Both a W and NC will NOT affect a student’s GPA, but WILL affect Satisfactory Academic Progress (a student’s course completion rating). Both equal no (0%) completion for the course.

The withdraw option removes a student from the course upon request - and their course requirements cease. The NC option permits a student to remain in the course and continue to learn the course material. The NC option also allows more time for the student to work on improving their end-of-course grade.

The withdraw option is final. Once the W request is made, the grade is entered and that is what will appear on their transcript.

The no credit option allows for a student to progress in the course through to the end. Once their final letter grade is determined (A, B, C, D, F) the student then reserves the right to decide if they want to keep their letter grade earned or choose the no credit.

Is there any guidance on the grade for a student's high school transcript if a student chooses a W, P, or NC?

High school grading practices are determined locally at the district level. M State does not have jurisdiction over high school transcripts.

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