Academic Appeals Policy

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Effective date
March 1, 2005
Last content update
March 1, 2005


To provide an avenue for students to appeal academic College policies and/or procedures.


Academic Appeal

A written request for reconsideration of the application of a College academic policy or procedure.


Retribution of any kind taken against a student for participating in an appeal, complaint or grievance.


Students may appeal any academic issue and discuss it with the appropriate employee(s) and/or administrator(s) as established by College policy or procedure. Students have the right to seek remedy through the College’s designated academic appeal process. Students should use available informal means (direct conversation) to resolve disputes before filing an appeal. Students proceeding with appeal must complete the academic appeal form found at There will be no retaliation of any kind against students, faculty or staff who participate in the appeal process.


Minnesota State system Board of Trustees