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    PSEO is an opportunity that allows high school sophomores, juniors and seniors to take college-level courses with M State and earn both high school and college credit.


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What is PSEO?

Postsecondary Enrollment Options allows high school sophomores*, juniors and seniors to take college-level courses on one of M State's campuses or online and earn both high school and college credit.

The PSEO program, funded through the Minnesota Department of Education, covers the high school student's tuition and cost of textbooks for college-level courses (numbered 1000 level or higher). PSEO students are responsible for the cost of equipment that becomes their property, such as tools and computers.

*Eligible sophomores must be from a Minnesota public school district. Eligible sophomores are able to enroll in one career and technical course.


What are the benefits?

SAVE MONEY. Tuition, fees and textbooks are at no cost to you.

SAVE TIME. Get a jump start on your college degree. Completing college courses while still in high school means it will take you less time to earn your degree after high school.

ADD VARIETY. You're provided with a greater variety of course offerings - beyond what is available at your high school.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF. College courses will offer you a challenging (yet rewarding!) educational experience.


Am I eligible?

Minnesota high school sophomores, juniors and seniors may be eligible to take one or more college-level course through PSEO if they meet the following requirements:

Seniors - 2.8 GPA or higher.

Juniors - 3.2 GPA or higher.

Sophomores - who have passed the 8th grade Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) in reading and meet the course eligibility requirements of the college may enroll in one career and technical education course. If the student receives a letter grade of "C" or better, the student shall be allowed to enroll in additional career and technical education courses in subsequent terms. See Minnesota State Procedure 3.5.1 for details.

NOTE: Students also must take the Accuplacer assessment test or use qualifying ACT/MCA scores for final determination of PSEO eligibility and course placement. Sophomores do not need to take the Accuplacer for the 10th grade CTE option. They do, however, need to test as a junior or senior PSEO student.

*If the high school student does not meet class rank or GPA requirements or if the high school/home school student does not have a class rank, a letter of recommendation that specifically outlines the applicant's readiness for college level coursework must be provided by the high school counselor, principal or instructor.


PSEO application and forms

We welcome your interest in participating in the Postsecondary Enrollment Options program at M State! All M State PSEO students must apply to the college prior to the application deadline and complete the following forms: Agreement of Understanding and the Minnesota Department of Education. Please visit our Forms page for complete access to these required PSEO forms.


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