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ADMS2250 – Administrative Office Professional Simulation pdf

Credits: 4 (2/2/0)
Description: This capstone course for the Administrative Assistant AAS program provides students with the opportunity to practice and develop professionalism, efficiency and proficiency in using technology, oral and written communication, human relations, organization, critical thinking skills and workforce preparedness. Students will develop final job search documents and an individualized professional development plan that sets goals.
Prerequisites: per instructor's approval
Corequisites: None
  1. Evaluate and prepare for the job search process.
  2. Explore career fields and workplace possibilities available for office professional position and preparedness.
  3. Network with office professionals working in the field or at organization meetings.
  4. Devise a plan to enhance professional expertise that promotes continued learning and improvements for the role of administrative office professional.
  5. Integrate education with actual roles and responsibilities of administrative professionals in experiential learning environments.
  6. Incorporate and demonstrate time management, organizational, analytical, problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  7. Demonstrate technology skills, teamwork and workplace readiness as an administrative office professional.
  8. Evaluate and demonstrate ergonomics and safety training required in the workplace.
  9. Specify individual activities to reach and set personal and professional career goals.
  10. Evaluate and integrate professional business etiquette, ethics, confidentiality, attitudes and commitment.
  11. Research current and changing trends in business and the workforce for the 21st century.
  12. Explore and summarize certifications, specialized training and requirements for advancement opportunities within business fields.
MnTC goal areas: None

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