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Multicultural Student Association

Multicultural Student Association

Interested in building your leadership skills and working together with like-minded students? Consider joining the Multicultural Student Association (MSA). All students are welcome! For more information, please contact Samuel Frazer at or Heidi Anderson at


African Students Association

The African Students Association (ASA) is an organization committed in nourishing cultural, intellectual, political and economic awareness about the African continent. The organization will be dedicated to building community and promoting collaboration, creating an interactive relationship and networking among African and non-African students. The organization will also focus in advancing on building leadership and networking, education and training, collaboration and mobilization. To also further the diversity of our group, we are committed to work with groups of all sectors, and of all backgrounds including non-African Students organizations, progressive groups, student governments, political organizations, community service organizations, religious groups, off campus groups, students' conferences, and the college administration.

To learn more about the African Students Association, please contact:
Samuel Frazer (President):
Lisa Seo (Vice-President):
Heidi R. Anderson (Advisor): / (218) 299-6818


Healthy Campus Student Coalition

Healthy Campus Student Coalition

The Healthy Campus Student Coalition is recruiting. HCSC is a new group of students working together to reduce the negative consequences that sometimes happen with alcohol and other drug use. We work to create a safe, supportive, and healthy environment for all students. An information session will be held on Thursday, January 26th at noon on the Moorhead Campus (C121). Applications are due on Thursday, February 19th (see attached files for full details). For more information, please contact Ellie Parker, SPF PFS Project Coordinator, at (218) 299-6634 or


Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is currently recruiting for the Fall 2016 semester. We are looking for students who are interested in improving their leadership and communication skills. SGA offers a variety of benefits to all students including volunteer opportunities within the Fargo-Moorhead community and is an incredible addition to your resume.

If you're looking for a way to stand out in your future career, SGA is the place for you.

What are we? We are the student voice for campus.

When do we meet? Every Tuesday from 3-4:30pm. If you have a class conflict with the meeting time, please speak with our advisor, Teresa Stolfus (, and your instructor to discuss potential options for you.

Who do we want? EVERYONE! SGA is the voice of the students, so our goal is to have the makeup of the SGA mirror the diversity of our student body. This also means we want representation from every academic program.

How do you apply? Please fill out the attached "New Membership Form" and return to D121 by September 2nd at 5pm.


Student Funding Request

Please fill out the attached form completely. Must be turned in no later than 5:00pm Friday to be considered at the next meeting. All remaining funds are to be returned to Student Government Association. SGA will only consider funding requests fro expenses related to standard reimbursement requirement (ex. hotel, food and travel expenses).

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