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Success Report

Program Highlights

  • 301 sections of concurrent courses offered in FY 2017 at 36 partner high schools
  • Continued growth in the number of credits awarded to students from FY 2014 to FY 2017
  • The Concurrent Enrollment Program is NACEP accredited

Strategic Goals

  • Develop shared discipline specific professional development
  • Create an online program orientation for concurrent instructors
  • Research and apply for more grant funding opportunities to strengthen and grow partnerships
  • Complete AA/MnTC worksheets specific to each partner high school and strategize on ways to fill missing goal areas

Success Reports



Student Success Stories

The following are anonymous responses taken from concurrent student course and alumni surveys.

  • "I really enjoyed being in this class and I strongly believe that this class has prepared me for college in every way!"
  • "Great class! It was definitely challenging, but I learned so much!"
  • "I liked the class. This definitely helped me get a look at what college is like."
  • "I enjoyed this class, and the material I learned in it. My instructor was almost always curious and enthusiastic about the topics we were involved in learning."
  • "I really enjoyed this class. It was a great opportunity and it challeneged me just enough to the point where I felt like I was going to be well prepared for future college-level courses. It also helped me recognize that I need to work hard and use my class time efficiently if I hoped to succeed in a task and complete it by the deadline."

Concurrent High School Instructor Success Stories

The following are anonymous responses taken from a concurrent instructor survey.

What is the single greatest impact the M State concurrent program has had on you as an instructor?

  • "Saved my career. Got me excited about teaching again. Completely enjoyed my association with M State. You do it right."
  • "Invigorates me to learn more and "stay on the top of my game" to meet the eager learning of the students."
  • "Teaching this class is one of the most positive experiences in my life."
  • "Without a doubt, I am a better teacher! Working with my mentor and other colleagues I meet through the concurrent workshop day is great. I am always receiving more ideas and adding to my syllabus. The continual interaction and reflection makes me a better teacher."
  • "I have been able to network with a college instructor, learn different approaches to instruction, and continue to understand the demands that my students will face when they leave my high school. I know that they are well-prepared by my course because of the guidance I have received."
  • "I have more passion to acquire new information to challenge my students."
  • "I know that I can help my students learn to adjust to college-level courses in an environment that is comfortable for them; they can make mistakes and ask questions because we have an established relationship and they are not intimidated by their instructor or peers. They are more comfortable doing the same when taking on-campus courses in the future."
  • "The concurrent enrollment program has allowed me to expand my network of educators to get new ideas to improve my craft."

Principal and Counselor Success Stories

The following are anonymous responses taken from concurrent principal and counselor surveys:

What is the single greatest impact concurrent has had on your school?

  • "Able to relate to parents that college credits can be earned at no cost to the student - reduce college costs for parents."
  • "Encouraged all teachers to keep courses rigorous."
  • "Students remain in the building instead of leaving school for traditional on-campus PSEO."

What is the single greatest impact concurrent has had on students?

  • "Students feel capable of completing college-level coursework and creating confidence."
  • "Allowing them to exceed their perceived limits."
  • "Financial savings for students whose families are burdened by college expenses."
  • "The number of college credits completed offers the student more flexibility at college."
  • "Opportunity for students to try college-level coursework while still being part of the high school experience - the best of both worlds!"

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