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Nursing Application Process

  • Apply to M State.
  • Review nursing application packets, application deadlines and pre-admission exam information.
  • Complete the entrance exam that is required as part of the nursing program application.
  • Complete a nursing program application.
Advanced Standing
Generic Option
Practical Nursing



M State offers three nursing options, Associate Degree in Nursing (64-credit Generic Option and 32-credit Advanced Standing Option supported by 21 credits of prerequisites) and a diploma in Practical Nursing (40 credits).Whether you are beginning your nursing career or continuing your professional nursing education, we are excited to provide you with an excellent educational experience.

Nursing students are required to take four credits of Anatomy and Physiology I that includes a lab, four credits of Anatomy and Physiology II that includes a lab and four credits of Microbiology that includes a lab if those courses are part of the program plan. Beginning with Spring 2017 admits, applicants requesting to transfer three-credit Anatomy and Physiology I, three-credit Anatomy and Physiology II or three-credit Microbiology from another institution will be required to take a one-credit lab in order to make up the required credit difference and/or lab component.

All M State Nursing programs are approved by the Minnesota Board of Nursing.

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) - Generic Option

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) - Advanced Standing Option (for Licensed Practical Nurses who want to advance their nursing education)

Practical Nursing Diploma

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Nursing Accreditation

The Minnesota State Community and Technical College, Associate Degree Nursing and Practical Nursing Programs hold pre-accreditation status from the National League for Nursing Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation, located at 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20037. Holding pre-accreditation status does not guarantee that initial accreditation by NLN CNEA will be received.


PN Program Ranked No. 2 in Minnesota

May 3, 2018

The Practical Nursing program at Minnesota State Community and Technical College has been ranked as the No. 2 PN program in Minnesota by PracticalNursing.org.

Colleges offering PN programs were assessed primarily on pass rates for program graduates in the NCLEX-PN licensure exam over a five-year period. Twenty-six Minnesota PN programs were analyzed, and 10 were ranked.

The 2017 NCLEX-PN pass rate for graduates of M State's PN program was 95.92 percent, compared to a rate of 86.22 percent at all Minnesota colleges and a national rate of 83.85 percent. M State's pass rates were 91.67 percent in 2016, 97.59 percent in 2015, 98.89 percent in 2014 and 98.17 in 2013.

"I believe our historically high pass rates for students in our Practical Nursing program reflects the excellence of our M State nursing instructors," said Jennifer Jacobson, M State's dean of health careers. "We take great pride in preparing future nurses for successful careers in the health care profession."

M State offers a full-time PN program on the Moorhead campus with both fall and spring starts. For more information about M State Nursing programs, visit Minnesota.edu/programs/nursing.

PracticalNursing.org is an online resource that "champions the growth of nursing professionals through education, advancing knowledge and inspiring patient care." This is the second year in a row that M State has been ranked among the organization's top programs in Minnesota.


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Practical Nursing Diploma
Locations: Moorhead

Nursing - (Generic Option) Associate of Science (AS)
Locations: Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Wadena

Nursing - (Advanced Standing option) Associate of Science (AS)
Locations: Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Wadena

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Meet the faculty

Pat Ahlschlager

Nursing Faculty
Contact Pat

Erica Berg

Associate Director of Nursing
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Shannon Dahms

Nursing Faculty
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Alena Deutschlander

Nursing Faculty
Fergus Falls
Contact Alena

Steph Furstenau

Nursing Faculty
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Carla Hansen

Nursing Faculty
Detroit Lakes
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Joel Hoffman

Nursing Lab Assistant
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Jennifer Jacobson

Dean of Health Careers
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Janell Juelich

Nursing Faculty
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Angie Mohr

Nursing Faculty
Detroit Lakes
Contact Angie

Cindy Moore

Nursing Faculty
Detroit Lakes
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Tracy Morstad

Director of Nursing
Fergus Falls
Contact Tracy

Ashley Murray

Nursing Faculty
Detroit Lakes
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Nikki Oliver

Nursing Faculty
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Amber Reed

Nursing Faculty, Nurse Refresher Course Coordinator
Fergus Falls, Moorhead
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Leah Rocholl

Nursing Faculty
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Mary Roers

Nursing Faculty
Fergus Falls
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Lea Schiltz

Nursing Faculty
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Jamie Steinle

Nursing Lab Assistant
Fergus Falls
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Dave Uselman

Nursing Lab Assistant
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Diane Wolden

Nursing Faculty
Fergus Falls
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Advancing Your Nursing Career

NURSING ARTICULATION IS DEFINED AS the intentional planning and coordination of nursing education programs so that the program at one level serves as the foundation for the next educational level. The goal is to help students make transitions that are smooth and seamless, educationally sound, and do not require revalidation.

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Statewide Nursing Program Transfer Agreement provides a pathway for transition from the Practical Nursing to Associate of Science in Nursing as well as Associate of Science in Nursing to Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. Students considering advancing their degrees through this process are encouraged to read the articulation agreement in its entirety and consult with a Student Development Services advisor as they plan their educational transitions.

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Statewide Nursing Program Transfer Agreement


Preparing for Nursing

While all students are welcome to apply to M State's nursing programs, acceptance is selective. There are specific criteria for each program. Many students take general education courses at M State - including courses in mathematics, biology and chemistry - in preparation for application to the nursing program. Although not all of these courses are required for program applicants, they may improve an applicant's eligibility.

High school students who plan to enroll in a nursing program will benefit from taking high school courses in biology, chemistry and mathematics.

We encourage prospective nursing students to schedule a visit at the campus of their choice. Arrange a campus visit by contacting M State at 1-877-450-3322 or visiting minnesota.edu/visit.


Background Check Required

State law requires that students having direct contact with individuals in licensed institutions complete an annual background study with the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Students also are required to complete a national background check and may be required to complete a federal background check as directed by clinical facilities. Students will be provided with instructions prior to clinical. The fee for the national background check is incurred by the student at the time the background study is submitted. Students who do not pass required background checks will not be allowed to participate in clinical activities and thus are not eligible for graduation.


Clinical Partnerships

Through our excellent relationships with industry clinical partners, we provide students with clinical opportunities where they learn and practice nursing skills in welcoming and engaging environments.


Program Resources

To improve student success, nursing faculty at M State have selected an integrated learning product from Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). While the product is used in every course, students purchase the product through student fees attached to particular courses within each program. For information on Fee Assessment, please see the attached 'ATI Fee Assessment' document.



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