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Credits breakdown

Developmental courses — A student may be required to enroll in developmental courses in reading, writing and math. A student's scores on the Accuplacer assessment will determine enrollment in developmental courses. The purpose of developmental courses is to prepare students for the demands of a college-level curriculum. Credits may vary.

Course # Course Title Credits
CPTR1104 Intro to Computer Tech 3
CPTR1106 Microcomputer Databases 3
CPTR1108 CISCO 1 3
CPTR1110 Visual Basic Program I 3
CPTR1118 CISCO 2 3
CPTR1125 IT Essentials 3
CPTR1148 Microcomputer Operating System 3
CPTR2200 CISCO 3 3
CPTR2208 CISCO 4 3
CPTR2236 Network Security 3
- OR -
CSEC1110 Fundamentals of IT Security 3
CPTR2245 Enterprise Network Technologies 3
CPTR2258 Microcomputer System Projects 2
CPTR2272 Network Operating Systems 3
CPTR2282 E-mail Administration 3
CSEC2204 Managing Directory Services 3
CVNP2212 Voice Over IP and IP Telephony 4
MNTC Courses
COMM1120 Introduction to Public Speaking
Goal: 1 *
ENGL1101 College Writing
Goal: 1 *
PHIL1201 Ethics
Goal: 2, 6, 9 *

MNTC Electives ...


Elective Credits ...


Total Credits: 66

* To complete an AAS degree, courses must be taken from at least 3 of the 10 MNTC Goal Areas.


About this program

This major provides the skills to support and maintain computer network systems in a business environment. Computer skill development covers the hardware and software systems of current computer technology. Networking skills include switching, routing, server operating systems, directory services and security. Application software skills include software selection, customizing, training and support. Many classes are built around specific industry certifications. Students are encouraged to complete the requirement for vendor certification.

eCampus on-site requirements:

CPTR1108, CPTR1118, CPTR2200, CPTR2208: These are the four Cisco semesters. Students will be required to travel to M State - Detroit Lakes for face-to-face labs on three Saturdays during each semester. Dates of labs will be determined at the beginning of each semester.

CPTR2252 - Microcomputer Systems Projects course requires one on-campus lab day for project presentations.

Program outcomes

1. Administer operating systems
2. Configure routing and switching hardware
3. Configure DNS, DHCP and other server roles
4. Configure E-mail communications systems
5. Evaluate network security methods
6. Utilize IP communications technologies
7. Develop redundancy and availability strategies
8. Design computer networks
9. Troubleshoot network issues
10. Generate electronic documents
11. Use computer applications
12. Troubleshoot computer technologies
13. Communicate effectively and efficiently with clients, users and peers

Employment information

Steady growth is expected in the next few years. Employment opportunities are available in many size companies utilizing computer technology. Graduates adding an industry certification are at an advantage. Advancement prospects are good with continuing education.

Program accreditation

The College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, (800) 621-7440, 30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, IL 60602-2504.