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    Contributions to FACF support the mission and activities of M State - Fergus Falls Campus. Your tax-deductible gift shapes the future of the college by supporting students, programs and services.



Fergus Area College Foundation was incorporated to provide a vehicle for citizen participation in the future of the Fergus Falls campus through charitable contributions and volunteer leadership. Foundation bylaws permit the establishment of scholarships, special purpose scholarships for students who excel in particular program areas and special purpose gifts for the general development and improvement of the college, the faculty and the facilities.

Fergus Area College Foundation remains true to its founding mission as a vehicle for citizen participation in the life of the college in Fergus Falls.


A Vision Begins

The Fergus Falls Chamber of Commerce's "Committee of 100" organized and worked to bring a two-year college to Fergus Falls in 1960. Many of the college founders took the next steps to incorporate a nonprofit to support the college's mission in 1963. Subsequently, Foundation board members went door-to-door in downtown Fergus Falls to tell the community about our college and their plans to organize the Foundation.

Stella Fox with FACF President Rob Bigwood and FACF Treasuerer Ed Strand at the signing of the Lyle Fox Memorial Scholarship Endowment, July 2012.

Stella Fox with FACF President Rob Bigwood and FACF Treasuerer Ed Strand at the signing of the Lyle Fox Memorial Scholarship Endowment, July 2012.


The Vision Continues

In 2012-13, this good work continues. Today's Foundation Board of Directors tells our story and shapes our vision in support of the Fergus Falls campus of M State.

We've been extraordinarily fortunate in receiving continued scholarship support for our students through local individuals and businesses. In July of 2012 we were honored to receive a gift of $20,000 from the family of Lyle Fox. Lyle was the first mathematics instructor at the college in 1960 and taught for 25 years. Upon his death on June 4, 2012, his wife Stella and sons Terry and Tom established the Lyle Fox Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship will honor Lyle's legacy and dedication to the college.

We are also pleased to announce that in September 2012, the Mary Beth Hagen Wedum Scholarship was established with a $20,000 gift from the J.A. Wedum Foundation. Mary Beth Hagen Wedum attended Fergus Falls Junior College in the mid-1960s. This scholarship in her name is designated to encourage single mothers with demonstrated financial need to pursue an education at M State - Fergus Falls Campus.

In February 2012 several of our scholarship recipients conducted a phone-calling campaign to M State alumni, generating additional funds for scholarships and other Foundation activities.

Pillar Pride, the Foundation magazine, provides us an opportunity to showcase the many outstanding events and activities happening on the M State - Fergus Falls Campus.


Sharing the Vision

A member of the board of directors once called the Foundation "an affair of the heart." This is so right. Our relationships with our donors and our community keep us going through tough decisions, goals, fundraising calls, challenges and celebrations. Those very relationships are the most joyful aspect of our work, and we are always delighted to work with prospective donors in realizing their dreams.

As we revel in our successes and pursue our dreams for the future of our college, we will do as we always have. We will keep our feet firmly on the ground and support the Fergus Falls campus. Thank you to our community of supporters for helping to bring our dreams to life.

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