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Alliss Grant

If you have been out of school for seven years or more and have not earned a bachelor's degree, the Alliss Grant may be just right for you. The Alliss Grant pays the tuition and books for one college class. The recipient just pays for applicable fees. The grant is not based on family income. The Alliss Grant is available for students to start any term. Certificate and diploma programs are ineligible as well as customized training courses.

Minnesota Indian Scholarship Program

If you are a student with one-fourth or more of American Indian ancestry, you may qualify for benefits through the Minnesota Indian Scholarship Program. This program provides supplemental scholarship assistance to eligible applicants. Additional eligibility requirements include financial need, Minnesota residency, possession of a high school degree or GED, and ability to benefit from advanced education. A Minnesota Indian Scholarship award is subject to final approval by the Minnesota Indian Scholarship Committee. For more information or appropriate forms, contact either the Bureau of Indian Affairs or the Minnesota State Department of Education.

Last modified: March 19th, 2012 at 10:28am