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PE1100 – Introduction to Curling pdf

Credits: 2 (1/1/0)
Description: This course will focus on the introduction to the fundamentals of play, rules, scoring and equipment of the sport.
Prerequisites: (None)
Corequisites: (None)
  1. Demonstrate safety while curling.
  2. Analyze basics of skipping strategies.
  3. Discuss the basics of curling.
  4. Demonstrate the basic delivery of the curling stone.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to score a game.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively as a curling team.
  7. Identify types of shots.
  8. Understand the history of curling and its impact on communities.
  9. Discuss the design, construction and maintenance of a sheet.
MnTC goal areas: (N/A)

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