CULN1118 – Cafe Line pdf

Credits: 5 (0/5/0)
Description: This course covers the skills required of a cook working various positions in a commercial food service production line, focusing on the equipment and techniques used. Food product information is also included in this course.
Prerequisites: Instructor permission required
Corequisites: (None)
  1. Exhibit safety and sanitation standards.
  2. Exhibit teamwork and professionalism.
  3. Demonstrate proper tool and equipment operation.
  4. Demonstrate work station organization.
  5. Evaluate food temperatures and adhere to proper cooking techniques.
  6. Evaluate equipment temperature ranges, cleanliness and operation.
  7. Manage food product rotation, par levels and production requirements.
  8. Demonstrate proper operation of the fryer, griddle and broiler.
  9. Evaluate quality and appearance of cooked food products.
  10. Adhere to portion control standards.
  11. Demonstrate preparing and assembling food orders in a timely manner.
  12. Use effective communication skills.
  13. Demonstrate customer service.
  14. Demonstrate conflict and complaint resolution.
MnTC goal areas: (N/A)

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