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About eCampus

Whether your goal is completing a few college courses or earning a degree, M State's eCampus provides an affordable and innovative way to advance your education online. eCampus, with an enrollment of 2,300, offers more than 300 classes and 25 programs and majors through online education. Check out the online degree options on our Programs Page.

Online courses are taught by caring faculty members, and there is easy online access to your instructors, your advisor and other resources including an electronic library and tutoring services. M State is fully accredited and offers transfer, career and technical online program and degrees. You can start your M State career by applying now.

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Why Choose M State eCampus?

Convenient and Flexible:

  • eCampus courses are similar to on-campus courses but offered in a flexible format. Students can participate in their classes from any location with reliable high-speed Internet access.
  • Unless your program specifies on-campus requirements, you will have the convenience of attending classes without commuting to a campus.
  • The online degree you earn from eCampus is the same degree earned by M State's campus students.

Caring and Dedicated:

  • Our staff and faculty understand how to provide a quality academic experience in your online classes. We understand that adult learners deal with outside responsibilities and challenging life circumstances.
  • Online students have access to the same resources as campus students plus online tutoring, an electronic library and financial aid resources and advising/counseling services via phone or email.

Affordable and Accredited:

  • The eCampus tuition rate is $199 per credit. For a tuition estimate, please visit our Tuition Calculator.
  • M State is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission: North Central Association. Please visit www.minnesota.edu/accreditation for further information on our accreditation information and individual M State program accreditations.


  • M State eCampus serves students from all over the United States. During the 2014-2015 academic year, eCampus served students from 27 different states.
  • Forty-six percent of students who take eCampus courses also take on-campus classes.

How Does Online Learning Work?

Are you uncertain what to expect from online classes?

  • You can complete our online degree programs from the convenience of any location with high-speed Internet. eCampus students are required to have a reliable computer with Internet access.
  • You will not have to "attend" online classes at a specific time; however, you will need to complete weekly assignments, readings, discussions, quizzes and exams. There is a common misconception that online courses are "easier" than on-campus face-to-face courses. This is not true; the rigor and depth of eCampus courses is similar to traditional courses. Most advisors will recommend 9-12 study/review hours per week for a 3-credit online course.
  • Assignments for each course will be described in the syllabus provided by your instructor.
  • You will access your courses beginning on the first day of classes using D2L Brightspace. D2L Brightspace is an online learning system used by M State instructors to provide students with access to course materials. D2L Brightspace includes many tools, such as documents, online discussions forms, online quizzes, online exams and an online gradebook.
  • As an eCampus student you will have the opportunity to interact with fellow students from varied backgrounds and locations.

Computer Requirements

To complete your eCampus program or courses, your home computer operating system will need to meet the requirements listed for your program. Click here to see your program's specific requirements.

All students enrolled in an eCampus course or program must have daily access to a laptop or desktop computer with reliable Internet access in order to be successful. Note: Tablet devices and smartphones do not typically support all the applications involved with online instruction. You cannot rely exclusively on a tablet device or smartphone to be successful with your online courses.

Last modified: February 20th, 2015 at 12:20pm