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University Transfer Degree

Start Your Bachelor's Degree at M State

Complete the first two years of your bachelor's degree by earning a University Transfer degree at any of the Minnesota State Community and Technical College campuses or online through eCampus.

Degrees available include the Associate in Arts, Associate of Science or Associate of Fine Arts. Learn more about areas of interest and customize your educational plan with an advisor.


Career Programs

Get in. Get out. Get Hired.

If you want to complete a degree, diploma or certificate in two years or less, or if you want to prepare for immediate entry-level employment, there is an M State career program designed for you.

Please choose a career program below for more information.

Detailed Program List

Name D F M W O Degrees Available
Accounting D F M E AAS, AS, Diploma
Associate in Arts (AA) D F M W E Associate in Arts (AA)
Biological Sciences F M AS
Business F M E AS
Business Administration F AAS, Certificate
Chemistry F M AS
Environmental Science F M AS
Equine Science F AAS, Diploma
General Education D F M W E Associate in Arts (AA)
Golf Management F Diploma
Individualized Studies D F M W E AAS
Liberal Arts and Sciences D F M W E Associate in Arts (AA)
Management Information Systems F AS
Medical Laboratory Technician F AS
Music F AFA
Nursing D F M W AAS, AS, Diploma
Phlebotomy Technician F Certificate
Social Science D F M E Associate in Arts (AA)
University Transfer D F M W E Associate in Arts (AA)
Visual Art F AFA