Academic Program Review

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Guiding Principles of Program Improvement

As professional educators, our primary goal is to help students learn. We must have relevant and current programs and must establish program goals designed to prepare students to achieve their educational goals. M State recognizes that, as an institution, we need to be accountable to our constituencies. This comprehensive program review process provides a structured, scheduled opportunity for a program to develop a strategy for improvement. All M State programs complete the comprehensive program review process every three years. Faculty may find the comprehensive program review schedule in the employee portal. The comprehensive program review process:

  • Shows the relationship between the M State mission, vision and student learning outcomes
  • Demonstrates the relevancy, currency and effectiveness of instructional programs
  • Defines the needs of the program so that the resources of the institution may be appropriately applied
  • Points to areas where additional assessment, curriculum revision and employee professional development are necessary
  • Provides the data and information for use in institutional planning, resource allocation and, most importantly, improvement in student learning

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