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M State - Fergus Falls Campus Housing

The Mission

The Department of Residence Life is proud to offer a variety of options for on-campus living. Our mission is to provide M State - Fergus Falls Campus students with the opportunity to live in a safe, comfortable, convenient environment where the pursuit of academic success is supported and encouraged.

Explore these pages to find out all that M State housing has to offer! Click here for the M State housing application. On the General Information page will be dates, a list of items furnished in each apartment and directions to campus. Email questions to the director of housing at housing@minnesota.edu .

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook applies to those students who choose to reside on campus. Please read and be familiar with the Student Code of Conduct as it pertains to housing. The handbook can be found at: https://www.minnesota.edu/handbook/.

Please direct any questions to the director of housing.

Last modified: October 17th, 2012 at 10:35am