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Brian Rosell Auto Body Instructor


(218) 846-3730
Detroit Lakes


Employee bio

Professional information:
I have a Diploma from the former Detroit Lakes Technical College in Welding and Auto Body. I also have a Masters certificate in PPG refinishing, training in dupont refinishing, ASE certification in painting and refinishing, ASE certification in nonstructural analysis and damage and an ASE certification in structural analysis and damage.

Additionally, I have worked for Norseman Body Shop for 6 years and owned and operated an independent body shop for 5 years. I am just finishing 20 years in the teaching profession.

I love most sports and love old cars. I also enjoy construction work. I'm really slow at it but I find it challenging because no one has ever showed me how to do it.

Every student will learn what it it takes to bring a car from wreck or rubble to something they can be proud of. This program is a hands on class that most students really enjoy. Every student has the opportunity to work on his or her own car while going through this program.

I've always enjoyed teaching people what I know and understand. I've always been really patient with students and it takes a lot of patience to be a teacher, and also to become a good body man, or lady.

I look forward to seeing you in Detroit Lakes to study the art of auto body refinishing.

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