Your Registration Options:

At M State, we make registration convenient with several ways for new and returning students to get signed up for classes. Simply pick from one of the options below:

Assessment Testing: We recommend that you complete your Accuplacer assessment test (if needed) prior to attending any of the registration events listed below. By completing assessments before the event, you'll drastically cut down the time it takes to get registered.

Registration Day: This is the best way to get registered for your classes. On Registration Day, you'll be able to meet with an advisor and get signed up for classes. As a bonus, you'll be able to complete your assessment test or re-test (if needed) and meet with staff from financial aid and student life.

Express Enrollment: The most convenient way to get registered on our Detroit Lakes and Wadena campuses is to visit your campus during normal business hours (mornings are best, especially if you require assessment testing). We'll take you through all of the steps necessary to get registered - consider this the registration express lane!

1Stop2Enroll: We offer 1Stop2Enroll registration events as each new semester approaches. Expect to see them in August and January every year. These events allow you to apply if you need to, get accepted on the spot and move through our registration process all in one short day. If you decide to attend M State close to your start date, this is your best (and sometimes only) option.

Last modified: April 28th, 2016 at 01:03pm