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Christine Erickson

I really can't explain just how much this scholarship means to me. This scholarship will allow me to attend school in the fall so that I may graduate with my RN degree. I will receive my AS and AS degrees so that I may go on to receive my Bachlors of Science in Nursing (BSN). This scholarship means everthing to me. Being an RN student and having 2 children is quite a challenge and having a job while in this program is really not an option. These funds will allow me to take care of my girls as well as pay for tuition and books. Without this scholarship, I would not be able to attend school in the fall. But the best part of this honor is to know that others believe in me!

Tyler Kuhl

I would like to thank DLACF for helping me attend school at M State. The scholarship allows me to put more focus into my schooling and worry less about expenses. These scholarships give students the drive to continue the hard work.

Marie Lemelin

I was in my second semester of Paralegal classes when one of the faculty members encouraged me to apply for a DLACF Scholarship. I did, not really expecting to be selected. Whe I heard that I have been choosen as one of those to receive a scholarship, I was estatic, and could only say "Praise God!" Thank you DLACF!


Kaitlin Olson

Receiving this scholarship means a lot to me. I work hard to try and better myself. Once I finally figured out what I wanted to go to school for, I looked more into programs around my community that involved the type of work I will be attending school for. By doing this, it gave me certainty of knowing that Early Education was the field for me. Now we all know that college is not free, but you have to find a way to pay for school. That is where scholarships like this come into play. Scholarships are the essential thing to apply for when deciding where to go for school. You can only gain something from applying for a scholarship. So I encourage many students to apply for them. It just takes a little time, but it is totally worth it in the end. Scholarships can mean the world to students who are paying for college alone. Every little bit helps us, and I greatly appreciate this scholarship.


Amber Kuhn

I chose Minnesota State Community and Technical College because I have heard, and still hear, many great things about the school and the nursing programs. Now, having experienced M State for a semester I am certain I have made the correct decision. My teachers have been the most compassionate and caring people I have ever met and I know they truly care about my well being as a student and as a future professional nurse. I am so thankful that my leap of faith has led me down the correct path to the nursing program at M State!

Riana Kaul

I am very happy to learn that I will be a recipient of the Detroit Lakes Area College Foundation's scholarship for Civil Engineering Technology students. I would like to thank all of you on the scholarship board for your generous financial support toward my college education.

Receiving a Detroit Lakes Area College Foundation scholarship means I am able to pay off some of my students loans and get a little closer to graduating with minimal debt. Being a single mother of three children, once I graduate I have to hit the ground running, so to speak. Your financial generosity will allow me to focus more on what's important to me, providing for my family and my education. I hope to someday be able to give back to other students in the same way you are helping me.

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