• Success is up2U

    up2U is a scholarship program that allows you to earn money for junior- and senior-year tuition at our up2U partner universities.


An up2U student will NEVER tell you...

  1. "You have to fill out an application." No, you don't. To participate in up2U, there's no application form to complete. All you have to do is register for an orientation session. Scroll to the bottom of this page to register for an orientation session.
  2. "You have to pay a fee." There's no fee for participation in up2U, but a transfer scholarship awaits you upon successful completion of the program.
  3. "You have to have a high GPA." While it's certainly important to maintain solid academic standing while enrolled at M State, your GPA is not the only factor in determining the amount of your transfer scholarship.
Success is up to you!

Success is up to you!


What is up2U?

up2U is a unique program designed to support learning and motivate students to persist toward community college completion, university transfer and university degree completion. At the core of the program is a scholarship award at an up2U partner university. The amount of the award is based on the leveraging between the cumulative GPA and overall competency demonstrated on the College Learning Assessment + (CLA+) performance task. The skills measured by the CLA+ are critical thinking, problem solving and effective writing, skills highly valued by M State, universities and employers.


What's up with up2U?

The up2U program can lead to significant savings from a scholarship award at one of our up2U partner universities. This program is designed to prepare you for success at M State and beyond!

  • Research shows that 71 percent of students who complete a two-year degree and transfer to a university earn a degree within four years. up2U motivates students to complete a two-year degree, transfer to university and earn a university degree, all within four years.
  • The average amount of student loan debt incurred by university graduates is $29,000. Completion of the up2U program can lead to a scholarship award at one of our partner universities, thus reducing the amount of student loan debt and its lingering burden on students.
  • Only 30 percent of students who begin their studies at a community college go on to complete a degree within two years. up2U provides not only an incentive for students to complete a degree but also targeted academic interventions to support learning.
  • Today's employers are looking for employees who can think critically, solve problems and communicate effectively. up2U supports students in developing and mastering these skills considered essential for access to and success in the workplace.

Is up2U for you?

To be eligible for the up2U program, you must be enrolled as a first-time college student at M State. Current and transfer students are not eligible.

As a concurrent enrollment or PSEO student, you are eligible for up2U if you:

  • Enroll at M State in the fall semester immediately following high school graduation
  • Have a break between your high school graduation and enrollment at M State, and do not take any concurrent enrollment or PSEO classes during that time
  • Earn fewer than 30 credits from M State, and your M State GPA is at least 2.5
  • Are a current high school student with less than 30 credits from M State

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