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Faculty-Staff-Student Flood Information

M State is committed to continued updates of the situation in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Please check back regularly for information regarding classes, school closings and volunteer information.


Thank You To Student Sandbagging Volunteers

About 40 students volunteered their time on Thursday evening, April 7th, to assist Moorhead homeowners with sandbagging. As a campus, we want to express our sincere appreciation to all of them for their generous commitment to community service. Special thanks also to M State-Moorhead Student Government for taking the lead in organizing and arranging M State's participation. Our college's presence was noted and appreciated.


Sandbagging Help Needed Today (4/7) at 3 PM

M State sandbagging volunteers are needed today at 3 PM. We are hoping to have a great turnout (100+) to help Moorhead homeowners. Volunteers are asked to meet in the East Commons for instructions as we are working with FirstLink to insure that all volunteers are registered (registration will be completed at Nemzek Hall at MSUM). Please spread the word!



Reminder - M State Moorhead is looking for 100 volunteers to help Moorhead homeowners with sandbagging. Volunteers are asked to meet at 3 PM this Thursday (April 7th) at 3 PM in the East Commons for instructions. M State "Sandbagging" T shirts will be provided.

M State Sandbagging Volunteers Needed on Thursday (4/7)

The flood fight of 2011 is quickly "ramping up." Early predictions are that the river will reach 39 feet by next Monday.

M State Moorhead is organizing volunteers to assist Moorhead homeowners with sandbagging this Thursday, April 7th at 3:00 PM. We will meet in the East Commons for instructions and directions. Our goal is to have 100 student and staff volunteers show up to demonstrate M State's support for our community.

We will be working through FirstLink, so volunteers will need to register prior to being transported to the sandbagging sites. Shuttles will be available on a regular intervals to take volunteers back to Nemzek from the sandbagging sites.

Please help in this very important effort - we at M State can make a difference.


M State Sandbagging Postponed Until Next Week

Based on information today, March 31st, from City Manager Michael Redlinger (see below), volunteer sandbagging will be postponed until next week.

As per the City's News Release today and announcement this morning, sandbag distribution and placement in Moorhead will begin no earlier than midweek next week due to poor weather conditions. The City of Fargo announced a similar delay and will begin sandbag distribution on Tuesday, with placement starting on Wednesday. Approximately 10-12 property owners in Moorhead had expressed interest in starting dike construction tomorrow or Saturday, but the City will hold on distributing sandbags until conditions improve next week. The City's daily Flood 2011 News Conferences will also be postponed until further notice.

Michael J. Redlinger, City Manager

City of Moorhead


M State Sandbagging Volunteers Needed on Saturday, April 2nd!

M State-Moorhead Student Government Association is coordinating an effort to get 100 volunteers from students and staff to assist Moorhead homeowners with sandbagging this Saturday, April 2nd at 10:00am.

With the flood fight soon upon us, this is the time to show M State's community spirit. SGA is hoping for a good turnout from clubs, individual students and staff. Please consider helping! More information on where to meet and arrangements to get to the sandbagging sites will be posted on Thursday.


Flood Update for M State Moorhead - March 28, 2011

The revised sandbag deployment date for homeowners in the city of Moorhead is Thursday, March 31. It is anticipated that volunteers will be needed to assist homeowners with this effort. More information on how M State students can help will be posted on this site within the next day or two.


Flood Update for M State Moorhead - March 18, 2011

Classes will resume on Monday, March 21, as scheduled. At this time, there are no plans to cancel classes for sandbagging efforts. However, in the event of an emergency situation requiring significant volunteer help, these plans could change. Please check this site regularly for updates regarding campus operations during the projected flood.
At a news conference on Thursday, March 17, the City of Moorhead noted that they will be releasing sandbags to private property owners on Thursday, March 24. It is expected that volunteers will be needed by some property owners, but this will be coordinated by FirstLink (click on FirstLink under 2011 Flood Information Links). It is also likely that sandbag palleting will continue at the Moorhead sandbagging site. We encourage student clubs and organizations to consider volunteering in these efforts as their schedules permit. The city currently has more than 1 million sandbags in reserve and is working toward a goal of 1.5 million.
As an FYI, the Moorhead campus elevation is approximately 48-49 feet, considerably above any anticipated flood levels.


M State-Moorhead Volunteers

About 60 M State students and staff showed up to fill sandbags on March 10th. The whole sandbagging adventure was organized by M State student Karl Regelstad and the t-shirts were designed by Kayla Goebel, also an M State student.


Sandbag and bowl

March 10th, 2011 from 1:03 PM to 11:00 PM

M State - Moorhead students can join their classmates for the first-ever Bag and Bowl on March 10, an event being organized by the college's Student Government Association. Students should meet in the East Commons on the M State campus at 5:30 p.m. Each volunteer should bring his or her student ID or student number and a photo ID. Volunteers will receive a free t-shirt and directions to the sandbagging site. M State students who join in sandbagging efforts for the City of Moorhead from 6-8 p.m. at the Moorhead sandbagging site are invited for free pizza, pop and bowling at the Bowler on South University Drive in Fargo beginning at 9:30 p.m. Interested students should sign up for Bag and Bowl with Carly Steen in D121. The goal is for at least 50 M State students, including volunteers from each of the college's student organizations.

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