eCampus Online Bookstore

Students who are taking M State eCampus courses may purchase books and course materials online and have all materials shipped to them directly (shipping fees apply). Online course books and materials are available five weeks prior to the start of each semester. If you would like to charge to your student account, the charge period begins three weeks before the semester starts and ends the first week of class. For summer semester charge periods or other important dates, visit M State's Business Services website. Access the bookstore by clicking the eCampus Bookstore link below.

eCampus Bookstore

For additional information about book ordering and return policies, see the form entitled Book Ordering Information for eCampus Courses under the eCampus Forms heading on M State's forms page located at

You are expected to have your books on the first day of class. If needed books are available in one of M State's campus bookstores, they can also be purchased there.

Please note that textbooks for online and campus courses can vary, and instructors teaching the same course may use different textbooks.

You are not required to purchase books through MBS or M State, but be sure that any textbook you purchase from an outside vendor has the correct ISBN (International Standard Book Number) since book versions can vary.


Selling Books Back

Students have the option of selling their books at campus buyback events, which are scheduled during finals week each semester (watch for posted dates and times) or through MBS's online buyback program at any time.

To access the online buyback program:
1. Visit the eCampus bookstore site.
2. Click on Sell Books.
3. Continue as directed.

For additional information on the MBS buyback program, visit the MBS website.


Ordering Books for eCampus PSEO courses

Here are step-by-step instructions for ordering textbooks for eCampus PSEO courses.

1. Order your books by completing the PSEO Online Course Book Request form found under PSEO Forms at

2. Be prepared to submit the following information:

  • Your name.
  • Mailing address to which books should be shipped (no postal box numbers).
  • Student ID number.
  • Telephone number and email address.
  • Name of courses along with course numbers for which books are needed (for example: CHEM 1100 Sec 90).
  • High school counselor's name.
  • School Contact Number.

3. Prior to filling out the Third Party Funding Request & Book Order form, make sure you check your class schedule to ensure that you are entering the correct course and section number.

4. After your books have been ordered, you will receive a confirmation email in your student email account from MBS Direct with a confirmation number. Please review the email to verify all information is correct. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the M State Solution Center at 877-450-3322.

5. Once your books have been shipped from MBS, you will receive another confirmation email to the address provided on your order.

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